Sunday, October 12, 2008


I started this blog to share with the web my recent experience with New World Video Direct (NWVD), an electronics retailer based in New York with web sales through

On October 9th I purchased from the NWVD website a Canon camera battery charger model CB-2LV to replace one I had lost. The item is shown here and as of today (the 12th) displays just as it did on October 9th with a stock status of "Usually Ships In 1-2 Business Days". I successfully placed the order with a slightly faster than standard shipping speed.

The next day I get an email from a female customer service rep. She tells me that she is sorry but the item is on back-order for 4 weeks. She then says that since I ordered at a faster shipping speed I must need the product quickly so she offers to sell me this item instead at the price of $99. I tell her to just cancel my order. She then says she may be able to apply a coupon and puts me on hold. She comes back and tells me she can sell it to me for ~$45. I thank her and tell her I would still like to cancel my order to which she complies.

After thinking about the phone call I realized that I had likely just been subjected to an attempt at "Bait and Switch," a definition of which can be found here. I decided to rate NWVD on to warn others of my experience. My review went live on October 10th.

On October 11th I recieved an email from Scott at NWVD trying to fix the situation and get my unsatisfactory rating removed.

The following posts are the email correspondence that ensued.

I post my experience to let others know of my experience as well as to have an open forum about NWVD and similar electronics retailers. I have not altered the following emails, nor have I distorted any facts in my introductory story. Please comment and let me know what you think. I will also send Scott a link to this blog so that he can defend himself openly.

I also hope that if anything, you are entertained by these emails. I cerainly let the situation get me riled up at first so I may have been a little brash and for that I apologize. Enjoy!


Sam said...

Lol, definitely scam. I fail to believe that all of their reviews are that glowing. They just don't post the negative ones.

Well publicized, and I will remember to avoid this company.

Josh said...

Thanks. I wouldn't doubt that they've messed with their reviews.

From now on, the first thing I look at when buying from a discount electronics/camera store is whether or not they are located in the NYC area. It seems to be a breeding ground for these types of scammers.

It's unfortunate since I imagine there are many decent businesses there too.

Boris said...

I guess it's too late for me because I just fell for their bait scam I ordered a sony wide angle lens for $118.00 the next day a person from NWVD called me and told me it was on back order (I wish i had that conversation recordedon on tape)and then he ofered me to buy onother lens mutch more expensive one he said "it's original price is $599.00 but now it's on sale for $399.00 but I 'm gonna sele it to you for $190.00" I agreed and fell for it. later i tried searching online to find that brand of a lens that he just sold to me and couldn't even find the manufacturer!!! this order took plase today 1/13/2009 and he even told me that he'll express shp it because I had to wait a few minutes hmm... I read the reviews but there is no mention about this perticular brand. 0.45x Ultra Compact Professional Titanium Super Wide Lens With Macro (3 Elements, 3 Groups)
Mfg Part #: 9328
I just hope it get's here and i'ts worth the money

amy said...

I wish I would've read this blog before I too fell victim to this sham of a company. Your stories a nearly identical to mine...placed the order for a Kodak KLIC-8000 rechargeable lithium battery and charger for only $24 (before S & H). The next day, Bella from NWVD called to say it was backordered, yada yada. I succumbed to her suggestion of an alternate product which ended up being only $5 more, but the problem is that it is CRAP and didn't work for very long at all. I just called to tell them I was unhappy with the product and wsa told to fill out a return / exchange form online. We'll see if anyone replies. I am going to write some bad reviews for this place. Yes, I am only out $40, but still aggravated!

JOSE said...

Hello everyone,

I recently had the awful experience to deal with and the coning ways of Mark Stephens of doing business. To make long story short: I placed an order on line for an specific Panasonic wide angle lens that they are offering on SALE, 2 days later I got a call from Mark Stephens, telling me that my Panasonic lens was in backorder and that it will not be in stock for 8-12 weeks. But as the con artist that Mark Stephens is, he told me that he had a Crystal Vision High Definition lens that he was sure it would work with my camera. I try to explain him that there is an issue with the flash and the lens being on the way, of course he did not listen to that, I asked him for a 30 day money back guaranty and he agreed to it.

Well, the piece of garbage that Mark Stephen sent me, dose not work with my camera and now he dose not want to refund my money. My advise is to not do business with and/or with Mark Stephen …CON-ARTIST who will tell you anything to make a sale and not backup he’s word.

By the way, the Panasonic lens that I need, still on sale on there website F@#$ing bastards!

Loanx said...

OMG. Jose's experience is exactly like mine. I just realized I had fallen into a scam!

Is there such person as Mark Stevens or is this a scam too? I wanted to buy a Panasonic lens and found NWVDirect from Google. I placed the order and this is the message I got.

Thank you for placing your order with New World Video Direct (NWV

My name is Mark Stephens. I have attempted to contact you at the number you provided, due to an issue with your order.

At your earliest convenience, please call me toll free at: 1.888.910.3888. My extension is 3302

Monday-Thursday: 10:00am-6:30pm est.

Friday: 10:00am-3:30pm est.

Customer #: 150066
New World Video Direct Customer Service Team

The next day, this "Mark" called me and said the lens I ordered is obsolete and offered a HD lens for the same price. I thought it was the same Panasonic lens, but the confirmation is for a Hila lens. The shipment is en route and I'm kicking myself for not looking up NWVDirect prior to placing the order.

Bruce said...

SCAM CITY. They tried to do the same to me. Sent me an email saying they have made several attempts to contact me without success and to call them about my order. I emailed back to send me the item as ordered or cancel my order - I don't need the old bait and switch as this has happened to me before.
They canceled the order. Now I have wasted a week and don't have what I need but at least they don't have my business.

eabaskervill said...

Happened to me today with a camera battery and charger order. I ordered yesterday and today they call to let me know they don't have the battery so they offer a "better" battery at a higher, but discounted price.

I hesitate and ask if this "better" product is online so I could see it, but instead get the runaround. After the third time I asked about seeing the item online the rep said they would cancel the order.

After the incident I did a little research and here I am. I am happy to see such blogs and sites exist to warn others. Online buying is becoming more and more discouraging with such experiences.

I am now attempting to buy the same products with, but have a feeling they are also shady. Anyone know of and their reputation?

eabaskervill said...

I posted earlier about having a similar experience with NWV Direct earlier and now as well.