Sunday, October 12, 2008

Email #8: Me, October 12th, 10:56 AM EDT


First: Give me a link to an item that is in stock.

Second: A recommendation is certainly part of bait and switch....obviously no on can force someone to buy something. Let's go over it again. Item was listed with a reasonable expectation that I could purchase it. Service rep calls and says item is unavailable. Tries to sell me MUCH higher priced item. This matches the definition. BAIT AND SWITCH. End of story.

Next: The item she tried to sell me was this listed at $99!!!!. If you remember the product it tried to purchase was $28. Yes it works with my battery (NB-4L) but so does this which is $23.

Answer me this, why didn't she at least recommend a product for a similar price?

Ah you referenced the same sentence I did. In that initial email you said you did want to help, I replied and said there was nothing to be done. You responded with snide remark ('That's interesting') instead of apologizing, defending the rep or just simply ending the conversation. Now you are just wasting your time when you should be helping customers (which I am not).

"1. You have no idea what item she was recommending."

Yes I do, its your most expensive charger:

"2. The functionality of the 2 items in question are NOT the same."

Wouldn't I want their functionality to be the same? Are you defending me or her here? Also, tell me how this charger is different since you claim it has more functionality (not that this changes the fact that it was a bait and switch).

"3. You aren't really sure of the name brand of the other item and you aren't an expert on name brands."

Merkury Innovations would not be considered a name brand. They are a third party accessories manufacturer.

Why are you still having this conversation which has gotten you nowhere when you could be helping actual customers. I've proven my point and I'm going to let others know (Don't worry, they'll hear your arguments as well. I'm not unfair). Just because you have some positive reviews (which are easily fabricated anyways) doesn't mean that you don't often practice fraudulent sales techniques. The fact is many others have made the same complaints I have, just search the web.


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