Sunday, October 12, 2008

Email #5: Scott, October 12th, 12:14 AM EDT

Hi Joshua. If you can show me where it says " in stock " as you claim twice in your email, you can pat yourself on the back twice.

Second, you haven't answered the last email, so I'll ask it in an easier way, so that maybe it will be better understood.

If she had recommended a better charger that was suitable to your needs and was a name brand, would it also be considered bait and switch?

Also, answer this,

If a Customer had ordered a battery and a charger, but chose the wrong charger, a charger that would not have worked with the battery, and we called that person to tell him this. We then recommend a different chargrer, one that would work. Is that also bait and switch?, or would the Customer be thankful that we saved him in returning a wrong product?

If you can anwser this time without any insults, I'll know I am talking with an adult. Your last email me shows differently, or maybe, you're just having a bad day.

Thank you

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