Sunday, October 12, 2008

Email #10: Scott, October 13th, 12:37 PM EDT

Thank you Joshua.
We read it. It's fine. We will be investigating the practices by the young lady in question.
Thanks again for the debate, you made a good case.
Have a nice week,


Garrett said...


Greg said...


Good work on this one. I haven't used NWVD before, and after reading the response from the supervisor, never will. Problems with a rep are one thing, but the jackass comments from the supervisor really don't make me feel like giving them money.

Lee Alder said...

Wow and "STILL" nothing was done or offered. Yep not doing any business with them.

Sq2shooter said...

Clearly a scam and when exposed they run for the hills, just like cockroaches when the light is turned on. I hope everyone sends this link to all their friends so they can be educated about this company and their business ethics, or lack thereof.

Anonymous said...

I just love how upon noticing this account is on the consumerist & here all of a sudden he gets friendly and polite.

Josh said...

Thanks guys,

The excuses and twisted logic Scott created were astounding. Then, as soon as word spread his tone changed instantly.

Word-of-mouth is great way to increase sales of a good company but can also destroy a bad one. Thanks to sites like The Consumerist its easy to get the word out about shady businesses.

Kyle said...

i've run into several B&S scams with those NY based camera/electronics websites. i recommend avoiding all of them.

Riot Nrrrd™ said...

I got here via trying to find an obscure Canon wide-angle lens for my new HD camcorder. NWVD has it listed for $165 which was a great price. But as an unknown to me I did the first rule of camera Web sites - I looked up their WHOIS info. When it came back as being in Brooklyn, I immediately wrote them off.

Then I decided to have some fun and look for reviews of NWVD and ended up here. Thanks to Joshua for detailing this sad but typical experience. Nice to know my usual CROOKLYN radar is still working.

Now if only I could find this damn wide-angle lens :(


Mike said...

It's really funny how fast Mr. Scott rolled over once he realized he had bad publicity in the Consumerist.

Personally, if I'm shopping on a website and there's not something that mentions stock status, I won't shop there. With that said, if I'm told that an item will 'usually ship in 1-2 business days', then I would say that there's a general expectation that the item in question is in stock. Otherwise, they should say backordered. If you don't mind waiting, then order away; else shop somewhere else.

Because of this, I too will never shop with NWVD.

Juni said...

lol that was so funny reading that. I'd like to give you some info that you or no one else knows.

i use to work for this company a year ago and heard him do bait and switch ALL the time over the phone.

it's a small apartment company he likes to call a warehouse. I did the shipping for him last year.

He had no one else working for him at the time and would fake his voice as another person to appear he has a big company. I'm pretty sure many of you's heard how fake it sounded. It use to make me laugh when he would try to change his voice as a woman and when a customer wanted to speak with charlie (which is his real name), he would tell customers charlie is not around

Then he hired another guy to help him with phone support but still did the same thing over.

worked for him for 6 months. Was lied to by him when he told me the first 2 weeks will be off the books, then will be on the books and there can be direct deposit (when i asked about that cause that's important to me).

well.......after i said sure, i'll take the job..........all of 6 months was working off the books. I hope his company falls

Wayne said...

I ordered some filters and an adapter from NWVDirect last week. As I checked out I looked around the web for a coupon code and stumbled across your blog. I placed the order anyway. Sure enough the next day I get a call from Sal who says they are out of two of the filters but will switch them for "better" Bower filters. He pushes really hard to get me to make the purchase but I tell him I have to research them first. Sure enough, the filters he offers for the same price are not the same, they are cheaper but he will sell them to me for about $40 more then I could get them for elsewhere.

Yes this place is bad, but if you are aware of the scam ahead of time, you might get a good deal on something that is in stock. We'll see if I get the other item I ordered or not.

Oldcop121 said...

Interesting, they pulled the bait and switch on me last year. I saw a Sony HVL-F36M flash for $150 and ordered it on line. A couple of days later a salesman calls me telling me that the Sony flash is not in stock and won't be for a month. But,they have a better flash in stock, a Digital Concepts 0097-36AF TTL Bounce Flash for $170.00. Needing a flash in a hurry for my Sony Alpha camera, I said send it to me. Its a okay flash but I was left with the feeling that I had been had. At least now I feel better, I'm not the only one who has been suckered by this outfit. I looked at their website and the Sony flash is still $150 there.

WENJUO said...

same story to me!

Josh, thank you for this blog.

I replied back to them to cancel my order.

I am wondering how s that possible this company is still stay in the business!!!

Jason said...

Thanks to you, I just made up my mine not to buy from them. I saw a Pentax flash at an incredible low price. "If it's too good to be true...."

Rammohan said...

Excellent work Joshua. You really did take the time and had a lot of patience which in the end really helped others.
I was just about order a Canon 430EX flash. WHich theyr are selling at $205. Every other store retails it at $299 (Frys, Best Buy, San Jose Camera B&H) I was really happy at the same time a little suspiciuos. That is when I came across your blog. Now it all fits.
Thanks a million for saving me money and time and more importantly a helluva lota hassle.

Stefan Avalos said...

Just tried to buy a wide angle lens from these guys... I had seen the good ratings and went ahead and ordered it. Then, I saw your blog.

Sure as anything, I get a call from them -- they're back ordered but would I be interested in another lens?

Thanks for this blog! I immediately cancelled the order and went with B&H instead.

Active Futures Trader said...

Thanks for the heads up guys. I'll save myself the hassle and move on to another retailer.

Natasha said...

WOW! THANK YOU for this blog! I was just about to purchase a Canon 580 EXii from this site and since it asks if you have a promo code, I decided to search online and see if I could find one. Your blog is the first thing that popped up. I thought I would save myself $20, but I'll pay the extra $20 and buy from B&H or Amazon like I normally do. What a ridiculous excuse for a company and whatever their idea of "customer service" is. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! This blog is a success, you and all of the others who have posted have definitely helped others not have to go through the same headache.

Marissa Raye said...

I was about to order a new Canon EF 50mm f 1.4 from these guys to save $30. Not anymore. Thanks for the tip.

illbenooneelse said...

Josh: Great work here. Thank you for this information. I was about to purchase several big ticket items from NWVD and I have since changed my mind.