Sunday, October 12, 2008

Email #2: Me, October 11th, 12:35 PM EDT


I'll put it simply. Your website says that the item CB-2LV is in stock. I ordered it and get a call the next day saying its on backorder for 4 weeks. The rep doesn't even offer to let me wait for it to come in stock, she instead goes right into trying to sell me another model that is NOT a name brand yet is twice the cost (gee thanks!!). I decline her offer but then she puts me on hold, comes back and tells me she can sell it to me for 1.5 times the I buying a car??

This is obviously bait and switch and other reviewers have had the same experience. I want nothing to do with your company and I will make sure no-one I know shops there. My review stays.

If you want to have anyone trust you as a business you have to only list items you plan to sell for the price you plan to sell them at. If an item is actually on backorder for 4 weeks list is as "On backorder for 4 weeks"

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