Sunday, October 12, 2008

Email #7: Scott, October 12th, 2:45 AM EDT

Hi again.
The rep did not practice bait and switch. Here is the defense you ask for.
1. The item was not in stock. "Usually ships" is different than "in stock". I'm certain we can agree on that.
2. A recommendation was made for one that was in stock
3. A recommendation is very different than Bait & Switch
4. The item she recommended had MORE features and MORE functionality--thus a higher priced item.
You write--
I have a complaint and you have done nothing to correct the situation.
Here is the first email:
Please allow us the opportunity to have you remove your rating by suggesting what needs to be done by us for you to do so.
You answered:
I want nothing to do with your company and I will make sure no-one I know shops there. My review stays.
So the attempt to correct the situation was made.
You write--
Instead you have made the situation personal by making snide comments.
I don't believe any of my comments were snide. YOU are taking it personally because I'm asking simple questions to understand your interpretation of bait and switch. Your belief that it was 100% bait and switch is laughable because:
1. You have no idea what item she was recommending.
2. The functionality of the 2 items in question are NOT the same.
3. You aren't really sure of the name brand of the other item and you aren't an expert on name brands.
The fact is, in this case, Bait and switch has not been proven. You're making an assumption based on other reviews that charge the same. I bet you have not read any of the positive reviews where the Customer ordered a product, it was out of stock, a RECOMMENDATION was made, the Customer is very happy with the item, they wrote a glowing review.


Matt said...

What's "laughable" is Scott's attempt to cover up a blatant Bait & Switch operation.

Lured in with a low price on an "available" item that suddenly becomes "unavailable" but can be replaced with a more expensive item.

Scott, if he wanted the "extra functionality" he would have originally ordered the more expensive item.

When I ordered a cable from that turned out to be out of stock the owner called me and offered a more expensive version for the EXACT price of the originally ordered item. Now that's how you build a positive reputation.

Josh said...

Thanks for the comment. Conversing with Scott was a trip! I think these types of retailers really believe they aren't doing anything wrong.