Sunday, October 12, 2008

Email #6: Me, October 12th, 1:29 AM EDT

Hello again,

On the page for the CB-2LV charger it clearly reads "Usually Ships In 1-2 Business Days." This is obviously different than "On backorder for 4 weeks" as the rep stated. In fact I can't find any product on your website that says anything other than "Usually Ships In 1-2 Business Days" or "Usually Ships In 1 Business Days". Should I assume your entire website is on backorder?

OK, maybe you didn't read my last email in which I answered your question in full. I started by defining 'bait and switch'. I then described the phone conversation with the rep and declared that her tactics matched the definition of 'bait and switch'. I then stated that a change in item brand would not affect the fact the rep used 'bait and switch' tactics. Here is what I wrote for reference:

"It doesn't matter what company made the new item, it was MUCH more expensive and had the same functionality. The fact that it was a 'no name' brand only makes it an even worse deal."

Your new question is laughable. That situation is completely unrelated to mine. If you read the definition you would see that it would not be bait and switch...BUT your company would have to be truthful. If the charger was actually the correct one but you lied in order to sell a more profitable product, that would again be fraud.

You are dancing around the real issue like a dirty politician. Not once have you told me how my rep did not practice 'bait and switch'!! Let's hear your defense!!!!

Do you remember this poorly constructed sentence from your initial email, " Please allow us the opportunity to have you remove your rating by suggesting what needs to be done by us for you to do so."?? You are supposed to be the professional here. I am the customer. I have a complaint and you have done nothing to correct the situation. Instead you have made the situation personal by making snide comments; don't blame me for retaliating.

One more thing: I am actually in great mood today. Hearing your sad attempt to defend your dishonorable company has been quite entertaining. I am an adult but even a child could tear your defense to shreds. The fact is I am usually pretty lazy about these things. Normally I would just submit an honest review of a company and forget about it, but you have inspired me to spread the word about my experience. I'm sure my story (including our email conversation) will inform and entertain thousands of would be pat YOURSELF on the back three times.

Yours Truly,


Garrett said...

It is entertaining, thank you for sharing ;)

Josh said...

my pleasure!

Kevin said...

Hey. You know how you said a child could destroy his argument? I'm already on it. I'll post a comment when finished.